5 Unique Ways You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Use Eggs

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Before you crack an egg, it is very likely that you already know what you wish to do with it – cook. However, that is not all they are good for. Below are some good uses for eggs you should consider trying the next time you get your hands on one.

1. Painting


Oil paint is now commonly used in contemporary art but before it was developed during the Italian Renaissance, around 1500 AD, and became the paint of choice, eggs were the painting medium of choice. Egg tempera is made with a mixture of finely ground pigment, small water, and egg yolk. Unfortunately, the yolk doesn’t keep well so a new batch has to be made regularly. Once used it’s surprisingly stable and can keep for a long time.

2. Hair treatment


Instead of spending money on expensive hair treatments, there is a home made treatment you can try that involves the use of eggs and costs less relatively. Eggs are filled with proteins as well as other components that are good for your hair. All you need to do is break one and rub it in. After that, leave it for at least 20 minutes before washing it out with cool water. This will moisturize your hair and also remove any undesired oil.

3. Shoe cleaner


If you suddenly find out that you have run out of shoe polish, don’t fret. All you need to do is get an egg. Once broken, separate the egg white from the yolk then use a soft sponge to rub the white into the leather until it has been completely absorbed. Keep doing it until the egg is exhausted or you are satisfied. There is no need to worry about the smell because egg white leaves none.

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4. Coffee rejuvenation


Running out of good coffee is a terrible situation and if you’re in a bind you might have to go back to that bad one you kept away. If this happens, eggs can rescue you. All you have to do is crush some egg shells into the filter with the coffee ground before brewing and after you pour it, you’re guaranteed smooth coffee. This happens because eggshells, which are alkaline in nature, neutralize the acidity of the bad coffee, making it more pleasant.

5. Fix a radiator

Carrying an egg in your car may save you one day should your radiator suddenly spring a leak. Crack the egg open and pour the white into the radiator. If this is done properly and there is still water in the system, the egg will move to the leak and as the water gets hotter, the egg white will get cooked, effectively sealing the hole and buying you time to get to a mechanic.