8 Easy Ways To Conserve Water In Your Kitchen

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It is not easy to curb the wastage of water as it is abundant in many parts of the world including the US. However many have been trying to do this very thing for years without luck.

Below are some options that will be helpful in reducing your water usage which will lower your utility bill and also save the planet.

1. Go for the full load: Don’t run the dishwasher until you have a full load of plates. This method conserves electricity, water and detergent, all of which the dishwasher requires to clean your dishes. Also note that using the dishwasher will save lots of water than washing with your hands.


2. Avoid defrosting with water: Don’t use water to thaw frozen foods. It is better to leave the food in the fridge to defrost overnight or, use a microwave to do the defrosting.

3. Use appropriate pot sizes: Don’t use big pots and pans unless you really have to. This is because large pots need more cooking water than the smaller ones.

4. Steam when you can: Steaming requires a lot less water and helps food and veggies retain their nutrients than boiling.

5. Reuse cooking water: cooking water can be used even after it turns gray. Rather than throw it out, you could use it to water your gardens.


6. Clean fruits in a pot of water instead of getting them under running water which is a form of wastage that is usually overlooked.

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7.  Scrape off dirty plates instead of trying to rinse the dirt off with water. That will take more time, make things even more messy and above all, waste water.


8. Save running water: If you’re not using the tap but it’s on, put a bowl in the basin to collect it. This will save you a lot of water that you can then use for something else.

Remember, no water, no life.