A Simplified Guide To Understanding The Symbols On Your Dishwashers

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It is easy to optimize using a dishwasher as long as you understand what the common symbols stand for and how to set them. This guide will help you grasp the basics and also discover functions that can help you save time and energy.

Common Dishwasher Symbols and Tableware Symbols

Safety Symbols

1.Dishwasher safe symbol: This has no common definition. Some tableware need to be washed by hand, which is why a dishwasher-safe sign is needed to differentiate them from dinnerware that a dishwasher can clean.

Here are good examples:


2.Dishwasher proof symbol: These symbols only appear on tableware and utensils that have been certified according to the European norm EN 12875. Those numbers tell you how many cycles the item can take in a dishwasher without getting damaged.


An example:

3.Food safe symbol: This symbol is depicted internationally as a stylized fork and a wine glass. Items with this symbol are guaranteed not to release harmful substances into food. As a general rule, it is expected to appear on the packaging or the material itself.


It looks something like this:

Care symbols: 

These symbols are only displayed by your dishwasher when something is wrong. Pay attention to them.


Rinse aid refill indicator:

This helps your dishes dry evenly following the rinse cycle. It prevents streaks too.


Dishwasher salt symbol:

This symbol comes on as a reminder that you need to fill up the container and leavethe dishwasher to take care of the rest. Salt softens hard water which will protect your appliance and tableware from limescale deposits.

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Dishwasher tap symbol:

Like the name suggests, it looks like a tap and it indicates a lack of adequate water in your dishwasher. There may be a blockage or the hose may have been mounted wrongly. It could also mean the tap is off or an issue with the electronics. When it lights up, take the time to check your water connections and hoses. If it persists, you may need an expert’s help.

Status Indicators:

They are the symbols that inform you of what’s happening in your appliance.


Brush symbol:

This means your dishwasher is working so just relax and let it do its thing


Pre-rinse symbol:

It indicates a brief rinse cycle before the full wash cycle. It also does not require any action from you.


Drying symbol:

This lets you know the dishes are being dried as part of the normal wash cycle.