Did You Know That The Red Juice In Your Beef Isn’t Always Blood?

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Blood can make some people squeamish and that is exactly what the red juice noticed on some steak plates looks like. However the juice is not blood.

During the slaughter process, most of the blood is removed, leaving very little in the muscle tissue. In truth, the red liquid is a result of water mixing with a protein known as myoglobin.

As meat ages, the muscle tissue will continue to break down rapidly. At this point, the water and myoglobin cells inside the meat are released and this is what gives rise to the red liquid on your steak plate.

Myoglobin is the main component that differentiates white meat from red meat. The higher the content of myoglobin in the cells, the redder the meat.


Many mammals have myoglobin in spades and are thus classified as red meat. It is similar to the hemoglobin which helps red blood cells store oxygen around the body. Myoglobin helps the muscles store oxygen and it is required by animals who need oxygen for active and frequent use.

Now that you know all about that red juice and why it’s there, you can enjoy your steak without feeling the least bit squeamish.

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