Fans Think Hailey Bieber’s New Cooking Series Is A Copy Of Selena Gomez’s Amidst Duo’s Alleged Feud

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For those who don’t know, Selena Gomez used to be with Justin Bieber until they broke up for good in 2018. Heartbreak happens all the time in the world of stars however many could not overlook the fact that Justin seemed to move on in a matter of months, even going on to propose to Hailey.

This made fans of Gomez start accusing Hailey of snatching Bieber who maintained that he loved her unconditionally. There have also been other subtle moves from all parties involved that made it clear that all was not well.

Recently, fans noticed more strange goings-on between Gomez and Hailey. One Twitter user pointed out how Hailey’s new YouTube series called « What’s in my kitchen? » has some distinct similarities to Gomez’s cooking show « Selena + Chef, » hinting at the fact that Hailey may be attempting to copy her husband’s old lover.


One edited TikTok video that was posted on Twitter highlighted some of these similarities. For instance, in Hailey’s two-month-old cooking show, she lays emphasis on the fact that the show was being shot in her home.

Just like Gomez once revealed for her cooking show: « This is my real home, everything that we’re doing is at home, this is my amazing kitchen, which is the set. »


Hailey Bieber’s exact words were, « Yes, we actually are in my real kitchen, in my real house. This is not a set. This is where I really live. » Coincidence? Tweeps think not.

Another instance was when Gomez brought her dad on « Selena + Chef. » Hailey’s version had her mom invited to the cooking show. More coincidence? Maybe.

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However more netizens have come forward with clips that show more instances where Hailey seems to have channeled Gomez. One example is how Hailey once talked about wanting to be known for her heart — a sentiment commonly shared by the troubled Gomez.

Of course there were also those who refused to accept that Hailey was copying Gomez with her cooking show. Some pointed out that Hailey and Justin had already been making and sharing videos of them cooking together in their home before Gomez’s show kicked off in 2020.