Gordon Ramsay Won’t Be Charging Kids For Their Meals At His London Restaurants

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While many may know Gordon Ramsay as an immensely vocal man who is rarely ever satisfied with meals other people make, there is more to the man. In recent months, he has gained a reputation for his good deeds.

One of the many kind gestures he has displayed in recent times includes offering free food to people in London. There were even complimentary pizzas for kids taking their A levels this summer.

In a recent video he shared on his Instagram page, Ramsay revealed some important news. He said:

“Hi guys, it’s Gordon and I’ve got some very important news. As costs continue to rise, I’d like to do our bit to help as many families as we can.”

Ramsay urged parents to bring their kids to any Bread Street kitchen, Heddon Street Kitchen or Gordon Ramsay’s Bar & Grill where they will get served for free. He added: The main courses are on us! You heard me, Kids eat free there, every day!”


The free meal from the children’s menu can be redeemed with any adult meal purchased from the a la carte menu but should a parent choose, they can also order dessert for their kids for a discounted price of £3.50.

Instagram users were floored by the magnanimous gesture and they took to the comment section to express their love and support. One user wrote: « Wow, that’s pretty f*****g amazing. That man just gives and gives. »

Unfortunately there were also some critics among the commenters who tackled Ramsay. One said: « If adults could afford to eat in your restaurant, they wouldn’t need a freebie for their kids would they? Or am I missing the point? »

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Whether this is true or not, Ramsay has just proven himself to be a generous man and fans love him for it. Perhaps they will even forgive him next time he chews out another worker on his reality cooking shows.