Here’s How To Use Olive Oil Caps Properly

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When an average person gets a new bottle of olive oil,  the first thing they do is remove the cap, get rid of that little plastic cover beneath it and toss it in the garbage. However there is a better way to use the caps and it is so simple, you’ll be amazed.


Once the plastic cover from the bottle is peeled away, an issue arises that annoys nearly everyone. In most cases, the bottle opening is too big which makes it harder for us to quantify the amount of oil we wish to use.

This is fine for when you need large amounts of oil, but when you need just that little splash or a drizzle, it becomes hard. This is where the plastic cover people discard can be useful.

The olive oil bottle cap hack


A TikTok user @chaldomom recently showed her viewers why olive oil bottles come with the plastic cover and the video was very informative.

According to her, the plastic cover gives you more control over how the olive oil pours. Once the peel away cover is removed, don’t throw it out. Instead, turn it upside down and put it back on the bottle.

When next you try to pour the oil, it will come out in a steady stream and you can control the flow.


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