Here’s The Biggest mistake You Don’t Want To Make When Grilling Chicken

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Let’s begin by talking about the best grilling practices for chicken as recommended by experts. Chicken as a food item has not suffered as much as some others in the inflation which makes it a great choice to serve.

It is also one of the most versatile and tastiest sources of protein out there that you can grill. During the process of grilling, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to turn the heat too high as it leads to the chicken getting burned or overcooked.

Unlike popular belief, time is not the most important component when it comes to successfully grilling chicken. No, that number one spot is reserved for the temperature at which it is cooked.


The USDA advises people to cool all chicken to at least 165 F while the American Farm Bureau Federation. Perdue’s Executive Chef, Chris Moyer, thinks that it is best to use 170 F for boneless breasts and thighs and 180 F for dark meat cuts.

The most sure-fire way to ensure that your different chicken parts get grilled to the right degree without burning is to « take advantage of grilling using indirect heat. » This means placing the meat across the flame rather than directly on top of it.

Another method is to wrap the chicken in foil until the last minute. Regardless of what technique you opt for, Moyer suggests that you avoid coating your chicken with sugary sauces or marinades as they can burn when on the grill.

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