Here’s The Truth Behind Emily In Paris’ Chez Lavaux Restaurant

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Either by design or accident, Emily’s neighborhood in the show is the “fifth arrondissement on the Left Bank of the Seine.” The locale is recognized as the Latin Quarter and features Roman ruins, some of which date back 2,000 years.

It gives off the romantic Paris vibes many have imagined amongst the narrow streets, which are inhabited by many cafes with terraces. The French restaurant “Chez Lavaux” is one such building, and in the series, it was where Emily’s romantic interest and neighbor, Gabriel, worked as a chef.

The restaurant’s name was fictional however the facade is reminiscent of the Italian restaurant Terra Nera which can be found at 18 rue des Fosses Saint-Jacques, Paris. The outer shots of the french-looking exterior in the series easily fool people into thinking the entire scene was set there; however, the reality is that the interior shots were filmed in a different location.

TAs opposed to what was represented in the series, the kitchen and its employees can not be seen from the seating area. The French fare and decor are also different. Before it became an Italian restaurant, the shop was once a butcher shop.

The eatery has grown more popular because of the series’ influence, and these days, if you want to eat there, you need to have made reservations ahead of time. If successful, you can enjoy a meal named after Emily on the menu.

The set menu features a cocktail Americano o Spritz, Burrata e Pomodorini (fresh mozzarella and tomato), Tagliata di Manzo (sliced pan-seared beef) or Filet de Boeuf Emily (filet of beef), and a Tiramisu Della Casa that can be bought at 39€.

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