How To Make Your Drinks Cold Quickly (And Keep Them That Way!)

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What’s a party without chill drinks? Whether it’s a small get-together or not, every party-goer appreciates the biting coolness of drinks to accompany numerous finger foods. So, learn these tricks because they’ll make you the best party organiser in your friend group.

1. Get lots of paper towels


If you’re trying to chill soda, beer, or wine bottles, wrap each bottle in slightly wet paper towels and put them in a freezer for 10 to 15 minutes. The moisture in the paper towel will rapidly evaporate and freeze to cool down the liquid in the bottle quicker than the freezer air can.

2. Reach for frozen grapes instead of ice cubes


Ice cubes are great, but they usually dilute your drink. Grapes won’t, and if you don’t have grapes, any frozen fruit will suffice as long as t can fit in your cup. Grapes are highly favored because they are perfectly proportioned for that sort of thing. They also have extra skin that seals the flavor, preventing it from affecting the drink’s original flavor.

3. Add some salt


Adding some salt can easily increase the coldness in your ice cooler. It is shocking but true. And any salt can perform this miracle. Add handfuls of it to the ice and stir to mix them properly. The salt will help reduce the freezing point of the ice; this will melt it a bit, after which it molds to the bottles better, making everything colder faster.

4. Use frozen water bottles


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Frozen water bottles can be used to keep your drinks cold once you get them that way. Using frozen water bottles will help you reduce the mess that would have been caused by melted bagged ice. Besides, after the bottles thaw, you get chilled water.

Now, you can wow your friends at that next party!