How To Use Paper Towels To Keep Produce Fresh In The Fridge

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Everyone goes for paper towels when it’s time to clean up spills. But there are more interesting uses for paper towels than that. These can range from patting a chicken dry to get super crispy skin or seasoning a cast iron skillet with oil, however it is undeniable that paper towels can help out in a lot of ways.


Apart from the more common uses listed above, there is one more surprising use of paper towels. They can help you keep vegetables fresh! This means that when you have too much leafy greens you can use paper towels to keep them all fresh without fearing their decay.

How can you use paper towels to keep produce fresh?


It is possible for fresh produce to decay faster than they can be consumed which leads to their eventual disposal. Paper towels can delay this process — all you have to do is line your crisper drawer with paper towels before you put in the fresh produce. You can replace the paper towels each time you add a new batch of produce. This will make sure the vegetables stay fresher for longer. If you have a bag of lettuce or spinach you don’t want to lose their freshness, add a paper towel directly into the bag.

How does it work?

Most fruits and vegetables release moisture over time and with nowhere to go it gets trapped in the crisper drawer, leading to decay. Paper towels disrupt the process by absorbing the moisture.

Now, you’ll always have fresh produce despite long periods of refrigeration.

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