These 5 Common Mistakes Are Actually Why You Dislike Aluminum Foil

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If you’ve ever made any of the following mistakes, then you most likely have a hidden resentment for aluminum foil without even realizing that you were to use them that way. Use aluminum foil the right way and you’ll never have reservations to get more. Here are the most popular mistakes you may have been making with aluminum foil:

1. You’ve been baking cookies with aluminum foil


One mistake most people make when it comes to baking cookies is to bake with aluminum foil. The best implement to make use of while baking cookies is parchment paper because the aluminum foil is exceptionally conductive, which means that any part of the cookie dough that makes immediate contact with the foil will be exposed to a concentrated heat lever the remaining part of the dough.

This is why most people end up with an overly burnt or unevenly baked cookie. Also, most people believe lining the oven floor with aluminum foil would help avoid spills and cleanup, but Reynolds stated it is unrecommended. In order to avoid heat damage to the oven, a sheet of aluminum should be placed on an oven rack so as to assist heat circulation in the oven.

2. You use aluminum foil in your microwave


According to the Food and Drug Administration, it is advisable not to put aluminum foil in the microwave because microwaves cast back off the aluminum, causing food to cook unevenly and possibly destroy the oven by causing sparks, flames, or even fire.

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3. You refrigerate your leftovers wrapped in aluminum foil


In addition, aluminum foil is not the most effective tool for storing leftovers in the fridge. This is because the foil is not airtight, which translates that notwithstanding how firm the food is wrapped in the foil, air will still get in, which gives room for bacteria to grow. Instead, the food should be stored in other airtight containers or air-tight bags.

4. You bake potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil


Potatoes should not be baked in Aluminium Foil. It is advised that potatoes should not be wrapped in foil before baking because aluminum foil traps heat and moisture. The potatoes get soggy and steamed by trapping the heat and moisture instead of being baked and crisp.

To buttress that point, the Idaho Potato Commission is uncompromising that baking potatoes in aluminum foil is an unhealthy practice and storing baked potatoes in the aluminum foil allows botulinum bacteria the potential to grow. So instead of wrapping potatoes in Aluminium Foil, it is best to just put the potatoes in the fridge or oven.

5. You use the shiny side of the aluminum foil


Lastly, it is not recommended to just make use of the shiny side on aluminum foil. This is only applicable in line with sticky aluminum foil because non-stick makes no difference in which side of the foil is being used. According to Reynolds, it is okay to place food on both the dull and shiny sides of aluminum foil. The difference in appearance only relates with the milling process, in which one side comes in contact with the mill’s highly polished steel rollers.

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