Which Is Better — And Healthier — For Consumption: Black or Green Avocados?

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Below, we take an in-depth look at the features of black and green avocados and then answer the popular question of which of them is better for consumption.

Black avocado


Black avocado is the most common type of avocado, and it is primarily the work of Rudolph Hass, a hobby horticulturist and a California mail carrier. His last name serves as the name by which many black avocados are referred to these days; the Hass avocado.

This type of avocado is easily identified by its black skin color; This avocado also turns blacker when it becomes more mature. Hass avocado can be very easily characterized by its distinctively rich nutty flavor.

This avocado is quite similar to green avocado, with its sodium content and levels of dietary fiber and vitamin C, all favorable as it is very beneficial for good health.

Green avocado


Green avocado is not as common or popular as black avocado, but many growers grow it. Among the types of avocados, the Gwen, Pinkerton, and Reed varieties are the most popular.

All of these avocado varieties actually remain green as they ripen, and varieties like Pinkerton show favorable peeling characteristics.

In terms of great flavors, the Gwen variety stands out among green avocados as one with a true nutty and rich flavor. Green avocado is a mixed bag when it comes to healthy properties.

Although it is low in sodium and high in both vitamin C and dietary fiber, its distinctive drawback is due to the problem of calories and carbohydrates, which are very high. For example, just one cup of this avocado already hits you with 276 calories, which is more than some donuts.

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Which is better? Green or Black Avocado


Do green skin avocados taste different than black avocados. It’s not really about which avocado between green and black is better; it’s really more about preference and, beyond that, availability.

Since black or Hass avocado is the most frequently available, you may not have a choice about it as your local supermarket probably has it compared to other types of green avocados.

Both green and black avocado has the same health benefits and disadvantages, so there isn’t much difference between the two.

Green avocado varieties have bright green skin that will remain green even when the fruit ripens, although it may be mottled with streaks or brown spots.

Green avocados come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from pear-shaped to around and weighing as much as a pound or more.

Also, green-skinned avocado varieties tend to be larger with smoother skin than the standard Hass avocado.

They have thin to moderately thick skin, with some varieties, such as the Pinkerton avocado, which are remarkably easy to peel.

Pale green to golden yellow flesh is typically firmer with less fat and oil content, and the flavor can range from mild and somewhat watery like Zutano avocados to rich, sweet, and nutty like Gwen avocado.